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What makes WPPoto different?

What makes WPPoto different?

Finding the right hosting company can be really difficult!

But other than comparing price, how do you know what the best hosting company is for you?

Most hosting companies these days are much of a much, just looking at the big hosting providers – they all offer unlimited bandwidth, most provide unlimited storage, some provide cloud-based servers, and a small handful also offer a free SSL, so how do you make your decision, and what makes WPPhoto different?

WPPhoto, hosting focused on image quality

At WPPhoto, the focus is to be able to provide lighting fast hosting for image-heavy websites, with a real focus on photographers and photography based clients. To do this, unlike the majority of other hosting companies, we’ve built our hardware specifically for image-heavy websites.

Using SSD technology and image caching at a server level, we aim to deliver a truly unique experienceto our clients.

We’ve also teamed up with Amazon S3 in order to take advantage of the media CDN (Content Delivery Network) to reduce loading times even further.

The problem with shared hosting

Although most of the UK’s leading hosting companies provide unlimited services, they tend to do so using shared hosting technology. This means that your account could be hosted on the same server as potentially thousands of other websites, all of them placing a strain on the CPU, Ram and other resources. This can lead to erraticserver response times and loading speeds. If one site on the server starts to use a lot of resources or attracts a lot of visitors, then it’s going to affect the rest of the websites on that server.

If you’re experiencingerratic load times, then this could be the main reason.

WPPhoto’s Unique Solution!

In order to help our clients truly get the most of their websites, we’ve put together a unique hosting platform designed to deliver superior loading speeds, state of the art technology, and industry-leadingcustomer service.

Our new system includes:

  • Dedicated Cloud SSD Hosting
  • LightSpeed Image Optimisation
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • UK Data Centers
  • DDoSProtection
  • Plus much much more!

Our system is so much faster on average when compared to the larger hosting companies because of the way we’ve tailored our hosting system to run WordPress and to run image-heavy websites.

We’re very excited to have the opportunity to help you improve your client’s experience when using your site, to help you improve your loading speeds.

Contact us today for a free website assessment and learn how you can make the most of your web presence.

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