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Website Hosting & SEO

Website Hosting & SEO

Many photographers spend hours working on their SEO only to let themselves down on their websites loading speeds. The link between fast website hosting and SEO is undeniable, so is your hosting affecting your SEO?

Most photographers appreciate that SEO is a huge part of their online marketing plan, but for many of the photographers we speak to loading speeds are just one area they’ve not researched into.

Last year we migrated a photographer based in Northampton onto our dedicated WordPress hosting. Because we only work with photographers and we only host WordPress, our system is designed to deliver lightning-fast loading speeds no matter what theme or design you’re running, and because we’re based in the UK, our 24/7 support team are on hand to help should you need us.

When we first migrated John’s site, it wasn’t exactly slow – loading in 3.8 seconds, but after we moved him onto our servers, installed his dedicated SSL and conducted our speeds tests, we managed to get that down to 1.77 seconds, as you can see below.



Within a few days, we started to notice an increase the number of visitors John was getting to his site. We kept an eye on things, and John’s website went from the bottom of page one all the way up to position number 2 in the natural listings.

All that had changed was the hosting and the addition of an SSL certificate.

This might not seem like a big change but the traffic going to the site was enough to see some serious enquiries for John.

Why Website Performance and your loading speed matter!

We all know that site speed is part of Google’s algorithm, which means it’s one of the many things that Google looks at when it’s deciding how to rank your site. Traditionally speed hasn’t always been one of the leading ranking factors, but over the last few years, this has changed.

No one likes slow websites, and Google knows this, slow websites have higher bounce rates and therefore are considered poor quality. There are two huge ways loading speeds affect your site.

Human visitors

A website that loads quickly will produce a more positive user experienceas your visitors can get the information they want faster. Numerous studies have shown that websites that take longer to load have lower engagement rates and lower conversions.

Search Engines

So from a technical point of view, a slow website will equal slow crawling speeds, and the major search engines will have no choicebut to index your content at a much slower rate. The bottom line is that your content will take longer to appear within the search results and your site will rank lower.

The search engines also know that content that loads quickly is good for their users, so they are more likely to give sites that load fast priority.

Check to see if your hosting is hurting your SEO!

Although there are some online tools thatyou can use to test your loading speeds, many of them don’t provide a full breakdown of the work that’s needed.

We now offer, completely free of charge, a full and comprehensive website speed assessmentwhich can be sent to you in the form of a PDF. Just click the link below to get your FREE website speed and performance report.

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