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Speed Is A Killer – Why your site’s loading speeds have never been more important!

Speed Is A Killer - Why your site's loading speeds have never been more important!

Every business owner wants their website to deliver the best user experience possible, regardless of what industry they work in.

A website that is fast and fun will always outperform one that is not.

Your customer’s behaviour has changed over the last few years and businesses owners cannot afford to overlook just how vital website loading speeds really are.

With so many websites available and businesses often operating in crowded marketplaces your customers dont have to put up with a slow site.
Just last month researchers in the US found that a delay in loading speeds of only one second resulted in a 7% loss in conversions and 11% lower page views. In another study done by Akamai, about half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. If it isnt loaded within 3 seconds, those users tend to abandon the site.

Modern buyers are impatient

If you visit a website that takes forever to load how do you feel?

If youre like most people then you probably feel frustrated or even angry, and will you hang around for that site to load No!

Todays buyer who is out searching for services online doesnt have the patience to sit around and wait for your site to load. They want information immediately and the longer you make them wait, the more likely you are to lose their interest.

Website Speed Affects Your SEO

Google started to use site loading speeds as part of the ranking algorithms back in 2010, and more recently Google has brought out updates that directly target websites with slow loading speeds. Google is always looking to improve its customer experience, and if your site takes a while to load, then youre not helping Google achieve that goal.

As part of this Google is pushing sites that load slowly down the rankings and sites that load quicker up the rankings.

So, loading speeds themselves are critical but so is your bounce rate (the percentage of visitors to a website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.) and Google uses this data to get a better idea of the quality of your site.

Slow loading speeds equal higher bounce which means a poor-quality site and lower rankings.

How to improve your loading speeds?

From additional plugins to data-heavy sites there are lots of reasons your site might load slowly. The most common is the hosting your site being powered by.

Your hosting is the engine that powers your site. You can have the best-looking site in the world, but if the hardware the site is running is old or underpowered, then it can create serious issues for your load times. Switching to dedicated hosting or a more powerful system like WPPhoto might reduce your load speeds dramatically.

Once youve ruled out the hosting as an issue you can then look at things like file sizes, does your site need to be that big?

At this point, once youve crossed of these two potential pitfalls if your site is still loading slow, it might be time to call in the cavalry.

We provide a free speed service for all our clients to help make sure their site is loading as quickly as physically possible, and the majority of our clients sites will load in under 2 seconds.

If you would like a free speed test or any advice regarding your loading speeds why not get in touch with us today for a free no obligation speed assessment. Our team are always happy to help so use the contact form below or request your free speed test using the banner below.


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